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The Kaleka Residence & Studios are the working space for eminent artist Ranbir and Rashmi Kaleka, located in Kaladham, Greater Noida, within a new institutional zone 24 kilometers southeast of Delhi.
The brief was to design two identical buildings without windows that create an immersive environment. Daylight pierces through various vertical & horizontal incisions in the blocks and exposes the ossified quality of bare concrete surfaces.
The sublime atmosphere of the arresting internal spaces is cut by intriguing trajectories of concrete/steel staircases,which emerge to visually expand the entrance and compress themselves to finally disappear into suffused light.
The interiors are created at ground and basement floor exclusively for studio work with a trapezoidal shaped library at the mezzanine floor that overlooks the main 20 ft high studio. The first floor is used as a residential suite with a small carved out terrace.
The grey twin buildings reinforce a raw aesthetic, create 'silent canvases' for the artist's activities, and establish a unique identity within its context.

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