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Building a quarry

IREO sales gallery
New Delhi, India

In midst of an increasingly public & culturally significant domain of a shopping mall, this project covering a meagre 125 square meters attempts to recreate the spatial experience of an excavated quarry for the public to experience a bare aesthetic.
By manipulating & exposing building materials like cement, aggregate and steel, an unexpected agglomeration gets transformed into a gallery for showcasing large architectural projects for a leading property development company.
Skillfully arranged along the existing building structure, large cast in-situ concrete blocks cascade to form tactile enclosures. Blocks have been cast in multiple tiers and varying thicknesses, allowing for vertical juxtaposition and sharp cuts; visual characteristics similar to those in a stone quarry. The surface quality of concrete has been intentionally kept porous to emphasize upon the primitive & bare surface accentuated with lighting. The rendering light on these ossified surfaces lends a sublime quality to the atmosphere inside. Intriguing spaces emerge to visually expand the entrance; and at other times, compress themselves into quiet areas for a meeting. A series of screens made of tor-steel meshes at the entrance provide a robust pre-cursor to the contemplative gallery beyond.

The ‘quarry’ here is built, not excavated; a delightful paradox that helps to cast arresting spaces. Reinforcing a raw aesthetic in common with geological excavations, rather than the current trend of the context helps to establish a unique identity for the sales gallery. The gallery thus provides spaces to the public to interact and enquire about latest architectural projects using riveting audio visual projections & meticulously crafted models.



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